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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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Northerns Run - 17th July - Stracey MiIl - Report


Hot Sunny weather, but cooled by light North/ Norwesterly winds, stayed with us all weekend. No rain, a lovely warm weekend but turnout was only 8 boats, and one car, - due to worries of overcrowding on the Northern broads and a proliferation of noobies on “staycations”.


A few boats arrived on the Friday, the others arriving during Saturday morning, some after holidaying on the Northern Broads (including “Ocean Way”, “Lady Grace”, and “Mr.C”). Our resident Northern Broads members were also there, just 8 boats in total, but all managing to moor behind each other, side-on, from the quay square downwards. Members again enjoyed the hospitality of tea-room owners Dawn and Ronnie, and we were given a generous 1/3 discount off mooring fees. Dawn again told us, those members coming over by car could park on her driveway for the duration of their stay. (Actually, only Jane used this facility. She popped over alone for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon – Robin was not too well with a bad back!)


We sat outside our boats before lunch on Saturday and enjoyed a chat and a few drinks and then after lunch, members helped to erect one of our blue gazebos on the grass of the wharf quay, providing some welcome shade for the afternoon. We then moved our tables and chairs into, and around, the gazebo and set up our BBQs to cook around 4.30pm. Barbies were finished around 6pm and we cleared up, before gathering around the gazebo at 7.30pm for a pleasant evening of squeezebox music from Pip, and a sing-along from the members. Unfortunately, Val was not feeling too well by then, so Trevor took “Lady Jayce” back to their home mooring – just a short run away at Acle. (Val is fine now, a bit of food poisoning from over a week before, explained her doctor!)

The lovely evening, clear sky, and beautiful sunset added to the ambience of the occasion. We began to drift back to our boats after 9.30pm, stopping to admire the track of the Space station as it passed overhead at 10pm – thanks to Dave checking with his phone app!


Sunday was another lovely day, with 3 boats deciding to leave for Yarmouth around 9.15am and the remaining members going in for breakfast about 10am. We kept the gazebo up for most of the day, as a refuge from the hot sun, and Dave and I easily dismantled it early Sunday evening.

Colin and Pip had departed early afternoon, but Ocean Way” and “Moonraker” didn’t depart until 9.30am on the Monday morning, followed by “Lady Grace” an hour or so later.


It was a quiet but very pleasant club weekend.


The next club meeting is the Biggie - Beccles Funday! This is soon, Saturday 7th.August.

See you all there?


Ken 26/07/2021

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