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Fun Day & BBQ - Bramerton - Woods End - 6th August 2011

A good turnout of 11 Boats + 3 cars    -  29 attendees


Like a well-worn record, as once again the heavens opened up early on Saturday morning, after a gorgeous day on the Friday.

There were 7 boats there by that time and again we murmured – “washout”, repeat… aaagh!

But the winds were light – almost still, and the forecast was for the rain to clear by lunchtime.

We all stayed on our boats – fingers crossed!

Well, the forecast was correct, the skies broke up and the sun poked through – fantastic. Time to all muck in and erect the Gazebo. Chairs and tables followed. Time for beers, wine and FUN.

Kontiki arrived then, followed soon by the Reedham Marina flotilla, a smaller one this time – two old members and one new one, CRYSTAL SEAS.

Welcome to the club Pete and Colin, come and join us we beckoned!

Well, as usual, we proceeded to sit about early afternoon quaffing a little alcohol and catching up on the season’s stories before Bob and I called all to order, for Team registration.

8 teams took part, kicking off at about 4pm with Bob’s Boules. Poor Bob?

It was a knockout competition – won by Team Winkle ( John and Sandra), closely followed by the Windbags (Colin, Pip, Sylvia, and friends –squeeze box aficionados).

Then it was a more sedate game of “Play your Cards Right” – with me playing mine host.

This time positions were reversed – Windbags taking the max. 10 points,  Winkle 2nd. All would be riding on the evening’s quiz!

Time for the barbies – just as the clouds grew darker and a few drops of rain appeared. But this time, it remained dry and warm throughout the cooking session – although some still crowded into the gazebo to eat their food in comfort. Pip and her friends were heard to be rehearsing their music for the evening’s entertainment – practise makes perfect and all that. The rest of us continued eating and drinking.

Bob started the quiz at 8.30, a quick one as all over in 15 minutes, but then a cloth-headed me in dimming lighting struggled to calculate the final results – another 15 mins or so, with all getting frustrated expectant for the music to begin!  This time my team, the Fleeces, won, and Winkle were last. But Team Winkle had done enough in the previous rounds to beat the Windbags to the trophy by a single point. Well done John and Sandra.

The genny had been playing up until Dave came to the rescue with a matchstick to wedge open the auto-choke, and so the musical evening that followed could begin  –  Pip, Sylvia and friends playing Folk – with John and Bob strumming a few chords to join in. Then John / Bob continued with their blend of 60’s Pop and Comic songs – the new sound system/microphone layout working a treat.

It all ended around 11pm, but a few hardy folk continued to sit around in the gazebo sipping wine and relaxing in the clear, cool night air until past midnight.

A  brilliant day and great evening entertainment.

Many, many thanks to Bob and John; Pip, Colin, Sylvia and friends.

Roll on Oulton at the end of the month!


Ken (Sec.)

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