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100827-0911 Kontiki Sept Holiday00762010 Beccles

Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

OBMBC-LOGO 2 colour

What a lovely weekend! 9 boats and 9 cars (32 members) and fantastic weather for the time of year.



We got to the pub about 11am and moored alongside Tim and Dee who were the first to arrive. Jim came in and joined us followed soon after by Arthur and Barbara.

We sat outside on the benches in the afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine, just a bit of a cool breeze but very pleasant.



A lovely sunny start to the day.

The seven of us went over for an excellent breakfast in the pub, during which ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung to Arthur.

Sonia checked all the bookings and meal choices and mooring boards were put out on the quay.

Bill and Sandra, Chris and Rose, Roger, Steve and Angela, Bim and Jackie came in on their boats and Graham and Mary were early car arrivals.

We all sat out on the benches in the sunshine for drinks and a catch up.

Sandra C had baked a cake to celebrate her and Bills’ wedding anniversary, this she kindly shared along with a bottle of Prosecco while plans were discussed for the forthcoming Bramerton event!


We all gathered in the pub at about 7pm and were joined by Bob and Norma, Ian and Debbie, Mike and Denise, Sylvia, John and Fay, Paul, Trevor and Val and Peter and Sandra all travelling in their cars.

With a bit of a squeeze everyone got seated and Sonia and her team were very organised in serving up excellent meals.

After the meal, Bob gave an opening speech, welcoming everyone, especially our new members and thanking Sonia and her team for hosting our event and providing such a warm welcome.

Ukulele Bim then started off the musical entertainment and he and I then took it in turns to play for the rest of the evening, during which 'Happy Birthdays' were sung to Arthur, again!, and Sandra C. We wound it up at about 11.30 after a most enjoyable evening!



Another sunny start to the day but noticeably cooler. A few club boats left early, we got underway at 12.30 leaving Tim and Dee, Jim, Steve and Angela and Chris and Rose.


Another great club event, look forward to seeing you all at the Start Of Season Dinner and AGM on 13th & 14th April at Beccles.


Sandra and John

Shakedown Cruise and Meet - 30th March - The Ferry House Surlingham

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