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Quiz Night - 24th September 2011 - Waveney River Centre

The quiz night went off very well despite there being only sixteen contestants and one quiz master.

After the fish and chip supper the quiz started. There were four subjects:- General Knowledge, Entertainment, Sport and Multilpe Choice. Four teams of four people competed and the level of intelligence was extremely high (or the questions were very easy) but I suspect the latter, however the evening finished with the winners and New Cup holders being the Freemasters, Graham and Mary Davies (Blithe) and soon to be members, (I hope ) Steve and Anglia Swanson (Emma Louise ), who came as guests of Dave Leatherland , he sportingly joined Dave and Dawn (Ocean Way) and Norma (Mahalah ) to become D.D.'N' Ds. who came a very close second. My sincere thanks goes to those who attended and by the comments made, had a very enjoyable time which despite numbers was a successful club night. Well done to all who attended and many thanks.  

Bob - Commodore

Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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