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Mid Year BBQ - 16th June - Oulton Broad - Report

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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

OBMBC-LOGO 2 colour

Only 12 boats at this event and a few members popped in to see us on the Saturday. (Peter ‘Askari’ and Bob ‘Lady Alison’ both moor at Oulton Broad but Peter had gone to stay in Yarmouth for the Air Show and Bob took his boat out to sea also to watch the Air Show so haven’t included them)


The weather, although cloudy and windy at times, brightened up when it mattered!



We had an early start and arrived in fine weather at the Yacht Station at 10am to join John and Lin and Dee who were already moored, Tim was working. Steve and Angela, Ray and Margaret, Chris and Pam and Hilda and Ivan arrived at various times during the day.


We sat out on the pontoon in the afternoon sun chatting over a glass or two and watched the NYA fleet pass through the lock on their cruise to Belgium.


Ray arranged a table for us over at The Lady of The Lake pub and fourteen of us enjoyed a nice early evening meal.



An overcast start to the day with a few showers but the sun broke through by the afternoon.


Dave and Dawn, Arthur and Barbara, Jim and Chris and Rose arrived during the day making 12 boats including Mehalah.  


A quietish day as no gazebo to put up! A few clubbers went off to Lowestoft while the rest of us just chilled.


We gathered on the quay in warm sunshine at about 4.30pm and got the BBQ’s on the go. Our new President, Ron, popped in for a cup of tea and a chat as did Bill and Sandra. Ann also walked past, her and John had moored ‘Annville’ over at The Commodore, forgetting we had a club meet! As the weather was so warm, nobody was in a hurry to leave the quay!


Bob and I had set up our band gear in The Boulevard and eventually everyone drifted over. We started the music about 8.45 with Bob and I taking it in turns to play half hour sets each and playing together for the last set. A pleasant evening was had with plenty of banter from the floor and the girls doing most of the dancing,

we had The Boulevard almost to ourselves for most of the time. Caroline provided sandwiches towards the end of the evening and we finished the music about 11.00pm. Thanks to all who helped carry my band gear to and from The Boulevard and our boat, Bob and Norma had come by car so not so far to carry his gear!



Another overcast start with more showers, it brightened up a bit during the day and we were able to see the trails of The Red Arrows and a few planes in the distance at the Yarmouth Air Show. A few boats got underway, those of us who remained had a quiet afternoon.

Steve decided to learn how to sew as can be seen on the last photo!

Sandra and I went over to The Wherry with Tim and Dee in the evening for a carvery where we found Jim sitting with Neil and Barbara (Taffy). Mike and Jan (Crown Jewel) came in for a meal and we sat chatting with them.


Not the busiest club meet but still enjoyable, thanks to all who attended.


Looking forward to seeing you all at Berny Mill on July 14th.




PS: We saw Nigel (ex Club Commodore) and Debbie in The Yare pub on Thursday before this weekend and they wished to be remembered to everyone.

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