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Summer BBQ - 16th July - Loddon Pyes Mill - Report

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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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What should have been a really great weekend was marred when on Saturday the BA Ranger stopped us from double mooring after, we were told, a complaint had been made! Had it not been for the 5 ‘residential’ and unattended boats, one with a large dingy (which had all been there for ages) and which the BA had “no jurisdiction over” we might have got everyone moored up. That would have been a record 24 boats plus 2 in the Staithe.

New 24 hour mooring signs were being put up on Thursday and Friday by South Norfolk DC, we assume to give some control of ‘residential’ boats. OK if it’s enforced!


The tally for the weekend was:

Thursday: 7 boats + 2 in The Staithe.

Friday: 21 boats (3 boats double moored) + 2 in The Staithe. (We had to put 1 boat off coming as we wouldn’t have got them in)

Saturday: 17 boats + 1 in The Staithe + 4 cars (6 Boats having left after the problem of double mooring)

Sunday: 9 boats remained.

Monday: 4 boats remained and moved down to The Staithe.




We (Pizzazz) arrived about midday to find Dave and Dawn, John and Lin and Steve already there. Peter had moved ‘Askari’ down to the Staithe, followed by Paul and Jean on ‘Swordfish’. Geoff and Anna, Colin and Audrey and Graham and Mary arrived during the afternoon.

Contractors were erecting the new 24 Hour mooring signs and new BBQ stands.

We all sat outside enjoying the afternoon sunshine and after dinner we sat out again until about 9.45.


We were greeted with a warm sunny morning while we did the usual boat shunting as more members boats arrived. Roger, Ray and Margaret, Simon and Sue, Keith, Ray (On new boat ‘Dream Weaver’) Andy, Tony and Sue, Arthur and Barbara, Richard and Jakki, John and Rita, Terry and Marie, Chris and Rose all came in, the last three having to raft off other boats. Robin and Jane and Colin and Pip managed to stern moor at the village end of the green.

We erected the marquee in the afternoon where most of us gathered for the traditional fish ‘n chip supper, kindly collected by Steve and Angela. ‘The Reedham Crew’ gathered on the bankside further down the green. A pleasant evening was spent chatting and enjoying some liquid refreshment.


The temperature soon rose and we were treated to a hot humid day.

Bim and Jackie arrived and we managed to squeeze  ‘Frances Mary’ in. Bob and Norma had to go down to the Staithe. Many of us walked into the village for some shopping via The Kings Head for a cooling pint!


Then the problems started.

The BA Ranger arrived and told us there had been a complaint about the double mooring and insisted that the rafted boats move. John and Rita and Terry and Marie decided to return to their marina so Ray, Andy and Amy, Keith and Tony and Sue decided also to leave, such a shame. With the spaces vacated, Bob and Norma came back from the Staithe and Chris and Rose moved to bankside and everyone shuffled up together as best we could.

Lee and Barbara popped in by car for a while by to say hello. Ron and Joan arrived by car followed by Richard and Jan.

A few spots of rain were felt as we started the BBQs but it came to nothing and we were able to sit out and enjoy our meals.

We gathered in and around the marquee for the evening’s entertainment which was kicked off by Pip handing out song sheets and playing her squeezebox for a sing along. This was followed by something a bit different, a few games of ‘Bimgo’, Bims version of that well known game with him and Jackie providing the prizes. More music followed with Bim, Bob and me.

We called it a night about midnight when it started to rain, still warm though.


Another hot sunny day! Several boats got underway and 9 remained for the day. The Kings Head was again a popular haunt and cream teas were taken by some of our ladies in Rosy Lees Tea Garden.

In the evening we again sat in and around the marquee enjoying the warm evening. We returned to our boats about 10.45 after a fun session playing ‘The Name Game’.


Hot, Hot Hot! We packed the marquee away and said goodbye to 5 more boats and the 4 remaining moved down to The Staithe where we enjoyed a ‘Full English’ in Rosy Lees Garden. We then chilled out and made the most of the hottest couple of days for a long time.


Looking forward to The Fun Day at Beccles, see you there.


John 28/07/16



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