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End Of Season Dinner Dance - 15th October - The Ivy House Hotel Oulton Broad - Report

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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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What a smashing weekend. Weather was mild, and even warm & sunny some of the time – if a bit blowy with easterlies and then southerlies.


10 club boats moored at the Yacht station ( well done, Paul & his team, for making us all feel so comfortable on the floating pontoon ), with the rest of members and their guests travelling straight to the hotel, and a number booked in overnight. Unfortunately, due to clashing of dates and worries over the menu (unfounded – turned out to be one of the nicest meals we have had!) only 55 members and guests were due to sit down, but those who did enjoyed another lovely OBMBC night out.


Four taxis turned up dead on the dot at the yacht station at 7pm, and it wasn’t long until we joined the others in queuing thirstily at the bar for

pre-dinner drinks. The room had been laid out well, all tables in a semi-circle around the large dance floor, all facing the stage where the band were ready to entertain us. Bob welcomed everyone and called us to the tables promptly at 7.30pm.


The meal was gorgeous, and served quickly and efficiently, with us all finished and the coffee being served well before 9pm – when the band were due to begin. Before they did, Bob invited their singer, Dawn, to pick the winning “lucky ticket” prize – won this year by Joan, one of our social members, and I presented her with a special bottle of Cava. The band were very good and soon the floor was busy with us all trying to emulate “Strictly Come Dancing” , whilst Dawn and Jen busily set about selling as many raffle tickets as possible. It was decided this year to hold a traditional prize raffle, with the entire proceeds going to club funds. The majority of prizes were donated by Delia; John and Sandra threw in a couple of bottles of Champers, a few others donated more bits and the lovely Hilda donated the Star prize of a week’s holiday in her Brundall riverside cottage. Hence, it wasn’t long before nearly all the raffle tickets were sold out and we had raised £300. Brilliant, well done to all those who donated so generously in giving prizes, and to those buying tickets so enthusiastically.


The new band “Three Up, Two down” were very good, and their resident singer sang well for over an hour before they took a break at 10.30pm ready for Bob and I to begin the presentations of club trophies in the interval. Team "KAS" ( Satori and Freeway crews) were presented with the "Paul Hodgson" trophy for winning the Fun-day games in August; the Commodore's Cup went to team “Meandering Emma” (Steve & Angela with Graham & Mary ) for again winning the quiz in September; the Challenge Plate was awarded to Ray of “Dream Weaver”, who rescued a broken-down “Lady Jolyn” from near to Polkeys Mill, just as John & Linda were hanging on a post for dear life in a strong ebb tide. Ray towed them off and all the way back into Reedham marina, not an easy task knowing the weight of “Lady Jolyn”. Well done Ray! The “Broken Oar" was awarded this year to "Mr Bojangles" (Joe and Delia) for Joe forgetting to open his sea cocks and cooking his engines, after checking strainers before setting off home from Wells in the summer. The inscription aptly reads “Cock-tampering”! Apparently many such tales of woe exist concerning Joe, he seems to be a regular Jonah when it comes to sea-trips? Anyway, many congratulations to all our 2016 trophy winners.


The big raffle was next, with nearly all tables winning something or the other. Even I won, in this case a new log-book. Pity that I had recently just purchased a new logbook and additional inserts from my local chandlers (still, they don’t wear out?). The star prize went to Joan and Ron, the couple who could probably use the prize the most as they no longer have a boat. As well as that, and the ticket prize, they also won one of the bottles of champagne. Lucky night for those two! Can picture Ron now, sitting with his feet up on the lawn, or fishing from the cottage’s pontoon, whilst sipping cold champers? Good luck to them both, and many congratulations to all the winners.


The band kicked off again at 11pm, and the dance floor quickly filled again, with some good old favourites being played. Then, big surprise, the band invited John up on stage to play guitar with them and sing a couple of numbers. He immediately gave a rousing rendition of the Cockney Rebel classic – inviting us all to come up and see him sometime? That got everyone onto the floor, and it finished just after midnight with him doing the Eric Clapton solo saying we all looked wonderful tonight – very smoochy indeed! Many thanks to all who attended and helped to make it such a wonderful night.


The venue next year will be the Waveney House hotel, Beccles, this time in the large function room. We are unsure of the band for next year, but I’m confident that it will be another great night whoever?  Please all note our planned date of 14th.October 2017.


Ken            October 2016



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