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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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Sandra and I met up with Steve, Angela, Bim and Jackie on the Friday evening at Surlingham Ferry where we had a nice meal and spent the night.


We got away early in the Saturday morning sunshine for the short trip up river to Bramerton where it was already quite busy on the Common as always.


Graham and Mary (on their new to them Seamaster 813 ‘Meander’) Terry, Dave & Dawn, Ray and Molly, Roger, Arthur and Barbara and John and Lin were already there. We got our three boats moored OK and got Geoff and Anna in when they arrived soon after us. The marquee was promptly erected and the club ‘camp’ was established. Tim and Dee arrived about mid-day and we got them in after a bit of boat shuffling. Tony and Kath appeared and rafted off ‘Ocean Way’.


Bob and Norma phoned to say that they again had engine overheating problems and were still over The Northerns so sadly wouldn’t be attending.


In the afternoon some members made the excuse of visiting the chandlers but seemed to get diverted into the pub! Meanwhile back on the Common, liquid refreshment was also being enjoyed, with special thanks to Ray and Molly for their hospitality on board ‘Four Seasons’.


The sky clouded up a bit in the late afternoon but the wind dropped and it was quite warm when we got the BBQ’s ready. Nice to see Ron and Joan who came by car and joined us for the BBQ and evening.

Just as we were ‘lighting up’ Glen and Amanda arrived and we managed to squeeze ‘Clariad’ in the last remaining space.

It was warm enough to enjoy our BBQ feasts al fresco.


Afterwards we all gathered in and around the marquee for the usual evening ‘rave’! The entertainment consisted of Bim on keyboards and me on guitar doing our ‘Shipwreck’ mix and Kathy singing from her extensive songbook. Geoff was strutting his stuff modelling the latest OBMBC leg attire, a must we think for the fun day!

We called it a night about 11pm, got cleared up and made our way back to our boats.


Following a very light shower on Sunday morning, the marquee was efficiently dismantled and packed away; we seem to be getting the hang of it at last.  Some members got underway during the day, leaving the stragglers enjoying a glass of wine and a chat in the afternoon sunshine.

Once again, another successful club meet, which could be the last one at Bramerton as the future of the Common is still uncertain.


Look forward to seeing everybody at Beccles for the Fun Day on 8th August.


John and Sandra 28/07/15





Summer BBQ - 18th July - Bramerton Woods End - Report - 14 Boats + 1 Car

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