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Loddon BBQ - 19th June 2012 - Loddon Pyes Mill

A fair turnout of 6 Boats + 3 cars

The cool weather and illness kept the numbers down this year, but those who managed to make it all thoroughly enjoyed themselves - especially now that the gas-heater was working again and the gazebo was warm as toast on Saturday night!

Most of the boats arrived on the Friday, with plenty of central mooring space available, and we started quickly to get into the spirit of things - and into the wine and beer of things as well? John and Dave L. had earlier walked to the "sweetie" shop in Loddon, but seemed too merry on their late return with chocolates and a newspaper - making Linda a wee suspicious that the Kings Head had also been on their itinerary? Still, it made for a laugh as the women were quaffing wine on "Lady Grace", whilst us fellas retired to "Lady Jolyn" for lashings of ginger beer and lemonade. ( well, that was our story?) Some of us then went back to the village for the traditional Fish & chips from Lims, again testing out the ale in the "sweetie" shop, while the fish was cooking - as you do? All crowded onto "Lady Grace" for dinner; more wine; and coffees/liqueurs.  What a start to the weekend?

Saturday morning, bleary-eyed, we began to put up the Gazza-bo - with newcomer Roger allocated as Foreman and reader of the instructions! Good job he did as well, as all was completed before 11am - unusually early for us! Colin and Audrey visited by car for a few hours around lunchtime, just for a drink and chat. The weather had brightened by now - it was getting positively warm and sunny, and so the Treasure hunt clues were handed out to the  6 "teams" who volunteered to take part. The 10 clues were based on the Loddon's history, and so all set off to enjoy a stroll through Loddon and learn about the town's history. We had 3 winners in the frame, for a later tie-breaker, but could have been 4 if Sylvia and Jen hadn't thought that President Obama would have been happier in a pretty little Pink house, rather than it's adjacent White one? One of the teams was a couple on "Goosander", a boat from Horning, which had  moored close to our boats. Not members, but they joined in the fun anyway. They didn't win either, due to "seeing" the year 1840 on an information board, rather than the correct 1884, but they thanked us all for such an interesting quiz - whilst we chanted "should have gone to Specsavers".

Later Steve and Angela joined us by car for the evening, as we began the BBQ under deteriorating skies and cool winds, and asap we all took shelter in the gazebo to eat and drink in comfort. The quiz tie-break was a real treasure hunt - find a gold doubloon? That only took Roger about 10 secs to fathom out that it was in "the old bag's bag", which was on the wooden carving near the car park, and he was duly presented with the winner's bottle of wine. We were joined by Paul / Nula and family then, just to say "hello" and stay a short while. Jen entertained us with a cockney sing-song, in which we all joined in, after which we played CD music for the rest of the night - interspersed with Radio 5 and the news from Munich as the Champions League cup match was lengthily fought out! What a night - pretty cold by then, but at least NO RAIN.

All were up fairly early the Sunday morning, still under grey skies, and quickly all helped taking the gazebo down and packed away - hurrying to clear up in case it rained. Most of us then sat around chatting until lunchtime, before heading downriver on the top of the tide and into the strengthening winds. Another great club event was over! Hope you can all make it to the next - Beccles on 16th.June.

Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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