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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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A good turnout of 8 Boats + 5 cars   -  30 members and guests sat down for the dinner and quiz.

This was another nice weekend weather-wise, warm again but a little rain later in the evening.

It turned out to be a good meal; good company; and a good quiz -  if not more than a little difficult in some categories.

We all arrived from 6.30 onwards, ordering drinks at the bar before settling in our seats in the pub’s “Garden room”. It was not a large area and there was a scrabble for the best places around the long tables which had been laid up, but we all managed to find room and sit down before the fish and chip meals were served hot at the appointed time of 7.30 pm. Meals were massive, all with 2 pieces of cod and plenty of chips and peas, and extremely tasty! Some felt they had room for a dessert (not me – no more belly room with that large meal and 3 or 4 pints of “Doom Bar” ale to boot!) – and so the quiz was delayed until after 9pm when all had finished eating.  

Bob couldn’t make it to this event, but he had devised the quiz – this time in 4 parts and fiendish as usual, and so Robin acted as the Quizmaster, with wife Jane as his most-able assistant. We organised ourselves into 2 teams of 6; and, 4 teams of 4; and named our teams in the usual comic way. Then it was off headlong into the questions for the next hour or so – great fun!

The multiplier stage again sorted us all out and led to some big scores, but the biggest was 110 points from the team “Problem Child” -  Andy, Amy, Ray, and Jo – who became our 2014 Commodore’s Cup  winners.

The team I was in, “Northern Tipplers”, with Roger; his friend John, and Sylvia, came a close second; and  "Hoof-Hearted", a team with Steve, his brother, and the Essex Four, were just behind in third. Everyone agreed it to be a great night and a challenging quiz, but it all ended too soon just after 10.30, leaving us just to say our goodbyes and disperse to our cars and boats.


Thanks to all who took part, especially to Robin who conducted the quiz magnificently.


See you at the dinner dance on 11th.October.



September 2014

Quiz Night - 20th September - The Dukes Head PH, Somerleyton - Report

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