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Start Of Season Dinner Dance and AGM 28th & 29th April - Waveney River Centre Report

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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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A return to WRC for both events, and first time back there (for these events) since the old “Gallery” days, last time was in 2013.


The turnout for this season’s opening dinner dance was 33 members, some due by car, but most on 10 boats moored in the basin. The weather had turned cold, wet AND windy. Winter was back?

Boat heating was full blast on “Lady Grace” and, members who had arrived by Friday afternoon, were invited on to warm up and enjoy some wine and beer – and a good chat of course.


8 boats were there by the Friday evening and a group of us went over to the Bar / restaurant at 7pm

for dinner, and more drinks – returning to our boats at 10pm – just as the rain turned heavier!


2 more boats arrived on Saturday, “Wavedancer II” early and then “Annville” later in the afternoon. The weather abated a little after 10am or so, and we were able to dry out, mooching about outside the boats for a while, and enjoying a bit of excitement after lunch when “WD II” accidently dropped a ball-fender into the basin – where it stubbornly floated about in the middle, despite the comings and goings of some small boats. Bit of a challenge actually, but eventually Dave ( Ocean Way) managed to hook it up – “winning” a bottle of wine from Alan of “WD II”. A welcome comical diversion!


Later that afternoon, John & I went up to the function room to lay out the menu sheets and place names ( which were the new membership cards) and set-up the raffle table, the dining arrangements being quite practical with tables laid neatly in two long rows.

We went up from the boats before 7pm, but already others had arrived by car and the room soon filled up. The bar in the actual room was strangely unattended early on, meaning we had to go to the main bar for drinks and join the queue, along with lots of other restaurant-goers. Not helpful?


Still, thirsts quenched, Bob called us to our places just after 7.30pm, saying a few words of welcome, but we paused for a while whilst waiting for Ray and Jo to arrive a few minutes late. They entered to a chorus of “what have you two been up to?”, but Ray had been watching Millwall’s final game to the bitter end. Millwall were trying to get to the play-offs for the Premship, but unfortunately they didn’t manage it.


The meal was served in a strange manner - one menu choice at a time, and clearing the tables was a little slow between courses and at the end?. The meal was not bad, with large portions as well, but quite a few complaints of slow service and “ tough, underdone, beef”?


The entertainment started just after 9pm, even though we had yet to begin the dessert course nor the coffees. (The mix-up over having coffees, or not?, meant that coffees weren’t served until way after 10pm).  Music was by “MariaSax” – and the dance floor was soon busy as Maria cajoled all to get up and dance, whilst playing music from the 40’s right through to present day. What a mixture – something to please everyone. Jen and Dawn then went around selling raffle tickets, collecting £102 towards club funds. The raffle began during Maria’s break at 10.30, but first we invited Norma to pick the lucky ticket prize, a nice bottle of Prosecco going to Teresa of “Popeye Two”. We had gathered 15 prizes for the raffle, with the top prize of 2 nights at Beccles yacht station, kindly donated by Sentinel  ( via our Tim – well done him!)  (Second prize was 3 nights there  –    no, I jest of course?)


The raffle draw was over within 15 minutes, chased along by Bob and myself, allowing the dancing to continue as quickly as possible. It went through to just before midnight, before Maria began to pack her gear, ably assisted by Dave; John; and Jim. We then all said our farewells and headed back to the boats around 12.30am or so, in the wind and drizzle. A fun club night – and we made a profit, thanks to the raffle!


A total of 37 members and guests made it to the AGM on the Sunday morning, returning to the WRC Spindrift room. A few yearbooks for those who had not yet received them were distributed, along with Green books and new membership cards. Copies of the AGM agenda and previous minutes were also available before the start. The lovely bacon rolls and hot coffee/tea were ready at 10.45am, and were soon being eaten as members assembled before the meeting, which kicked off nearly on time at 11.05am. Many thanks this time to the staff at the WRC for preparing everything and sorting all the tables out so neatly. Although we didn’t agree on the Saturday night, we thought that a tip was earned for their Sunday morning efforts, and £30 was taken direct from club funds to distribute amongst the staff. Bob gave the opening address, saying it was once more encouraging to see members taking an active part, and asking all to put forward any ideas they may have as to the running of the club. The AGM was all over by 12.00 noon. Some members stayed on for lunchtime drinks, but us boaters wanted to make a swift exit and head downriver before a promised storm was due to hit later that  evening, and throughout Monday. ( and boy, did it storm overnight and throughout Monday!)

Another terrific OBMBC event weekend.                                                            


Ken  (May 2018)

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