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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

Northerns Run - Stracey Arms Mill - 25th June 2011

A fair turnout of 8 Boats + 1 car -   -  20 attendees

Well, the heavens opened up overnight at Acle Bridge on the Friday and it didn’t stop raining until 11a.m. or so on Saturday morning. I was at the end of my 10 days holiday up on the Northern broads, with John and Lin on “Lady Jolyn”. We thought – washout,  aaagh!

But then it was a little warmer, overcast, but definitely clearing a little. The forecast was for a health-sapping heatwave on the Sunday – but we couldn’t see that far ahead. Someone having a laugh?

We arrived at 11.30am, moored up adjacent to the wet Pontiac “jetty”, and waited for the other boats (if any?) to come in on the flood tide. We knew that Colin/Pip would be along the other way first – having passed them whilst they were moored at Stokesby – and sure enough in they came at midday to moor on the front of the jetty. Then Jacko and June (“Mistrala Maid”) arrived, having squeezed under the Yarmouth bridges right on low-tide. Nice to see them again, their first club event for a long time. They were closely followed by the Reedham Marina flotilla – and was I pleased to see them? The event was on after all. Keith on “Winifred” had merrily discovered that his boat could do 3 pints per hour – well, 6 actually, as he had South African Ray as crew. Petrol consumption wasn’t too bad either!

Well, we quickly set up a windbreak semi-circle (no gazebo this time) and proceeded to sit about all afternoon with the usual ample supply of drinks and snacks – chatting away, putting the world to rights, moaning about the weather, etc.

Just then, Bob and Norma arrived – late as usual. He too was finishing his one week Northern’s holiday break – he had Norma’s cousin and her husband on-board, and they were both invited to join us for the club event. I made the short announcement about the Wherry not being able to accommodate us for the End-of-Season dinner – and Bob added that he and Robin were busily looking at the alternatives. That started a bit more discussion – but didn’t stop the drinking.

Colin (“Nighthawk”) and Andy (“Halcyon”) spent most of the afternoon trying to rid the Bure of miniature fish, whilst both still keeping up sufficient alcohol intake to make it interesting. Andy was on a free pass until Amy arrived after 6pm, having been at work all day.

Ron and Joan arrived by car, driving right up to the jetty wall – easier to get their BBQ and supplies out.

Most of us were having fish and chips supplied by Sue at the Mill tearoom, but Ron/Joan and Keith/Ray had decided on barbies- the latter providing us with a mean bonfire as the evening progressed. The food was ready just after 7pm – and good it was too. Hot, tasty, and lots of chips.

Pip, on her various accordions, started the music going for the evening, and Jen led us all in a community sing-song – waiving union-jacks and reading from song-sheets, which had been purloined by Lin on her recent P&O cruise. We had a traditional camp-fire gathering, choking on wood smoke and being covered in ash. What a fantastic event after all – and it stayed dry and reasonably warm throughout the whole time.

Bring on the next one!


PS The forecast was right for once – Sunday was really hot – phew! Even with a cooling wind, we were sweltering. I had stayed for another day, with Jacko/June and Pip/Colin, winding down and topping up my tan before Spain. But, at 8pm, just as we were sitting out enjoying another bottle (or, 2) of wine, a cold mist rolled in from the coast, and it was quickly back to trousers and jumpers as temperatures plummeted. The sun took on the appearance of a full-moon in the darkening thick mist –very weird!     Ken.

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