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Oulton Broad Bank Holiday Weekend - 24th to 28th August - Report

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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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Thursday to Saturday:

Several boats went from Beccles to Oulton Broad on Wednesday, we followed on Thursday and more boats arrived on Friday.

Boats were flagged and lit up as Harbour Master Paul was offering a prize for the best dressed boat, which Pizzazz won!


We got the weekend started with a get together and meal at The Wherry Hotel on the Friday evening with 22 members attending.


We awoke on Saturday morning to find mysterious footprints up the deck of Pizzazz causing much speculation as to the creature that made them! There were a few light showers during the day but it remained warm and we sat outside until about 10pm. (John & Sandra)


Sunshine and showers, and very few of the latter, helped to make it another lovely Bank holiday weekend, with 19 club boats moored up in the yacht station, and more members turning up by car.


Sunday and Monday:

I didn’t arrive until midday on the Sunday, being delayed by a family wedding in South London earlier in the weekend, which meant I had to squeeze into a reserved mooring on the crowded floating pontoon. Many members were there to welcome me, all laughing out loud, when I noticed that they had made up a disabled sign and hung it over the post, central to the berth allocated to “Lady Grace”. Spent the next few minutes posing for photos with the cheeky sign, more comic cuts for next year’s Yearbook? Great fun though. The members redeemed themselves by helping carry all my BBQ stuff and tables / chairs to be set up on the wall near to the office. (Thanks to everyone who helped).


The club BBQ was well attended, beginning with a few drinks and conversation – not starting the BBQ’s until nearer 5pm. Bob and Norma were there, staying on their boat during the day, and it was nice to see Norma’s health improving. The late afternoon was sunny and warm, so the drinks flowed plentiful. Sandra. with Peter's help, had again made up her fruit punch, slightly alcoholic of course, and presented it in a large glass flagon, complete with tap. That did go down well amongst the members and their guests whilst their food cooked. (especially for me, as the flagon was close-by and well within limping distance!) Once again, all enjoyed a lovely BBQ in the sunshine but as the sun began to set, so it began to cool quickly outside and most of us returned to our boats by 7pm, to get ready for the evening’s entertainment over in the Boulevard.


“Kathy” was the star turn of the night – her name in twinkling lights above the stage! ( thanks to some handiwork by Tony). She began her first set at about 8.30, and very nice it was too. It was well attended by members and their guests, and with others from the yacht station. Beer and spirits flowed freely and the bar was quite busy as the night went on. John also went up on the stage as well, accompanying Kath in some numbers and playing some solo numbers as well. Then Big Al, in the guise of “Roy Orpington” was allowed a few songs later in the evening – giving us all a laugh whilst trying to find the correct mikes to use and poor Kath trying to find the right backing tracks on her laptop. We were all in tears (of laughter) with the   “cwying..a..cwying.. over you” standard track.

John also helped out with some live backing music, and it ended well with the audience enjoying more old Roy Orbison favourites and many getting up to dance. A lovely night, not finishing until midnight. Well done Kath and John ( and Woy Orpington of course).


Bank Holiday Monday was a very sunny and warm Gala Day, marred early on when Pam decided to emanate Chris’s Spring antics and dive off “The JB” . Luckily, Roger and Tony were on hand to pull her out quickly, with only a small bruise and a dent in her pride to show for the experience. Quite frightening no doubt! Suggestions for Chris to rename his boat “J o B” (Jump over Board) were dismissed by him! A few of the ladies, including a rejuvenated Norma, slipped over to the pub at lunchtime, the refurbished “Lady of the Lake”, followed by us fellows later. Bim and Jackie also turned up, having popped over to see the festivities. The Monday afternoon was spent quietly with a few more beers and a chat amongst members and friends along the Quay, with some members going into the park to enjoy the amusements and the music. We then set up our chairs on the pontoon to watch the powerboat racing at 4.30, and left them there ready for the fireworks later.


It turned out to be a clear evening, with the firework display starting promptly at 9pm. The fireworks were good, plenty of oohs and argghs, but over too quickly within 10 minutes or so. Some members then went back into the park for the end of the Fair, others carried on sipping beer and wine on the pontoon. It had been a lovely day and a beautiful evening.



Ken  15/09/2017

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