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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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A fantastic weekend weatherwise – a late August heatwave, with temperatures rising to above 30’C each day, and light south-easterly winds for the duration. Perfect weather for the club BBQ on Sunday, and for the all-important fireworks display on Bank holiday Monday evening! A perfect holiday weekend, with 13 club boats moored up in the yacht station, and more members turning up by car.

I unfortunately couldn’t attend this event, first time for many years that I missed it, but I was given some notes on what generally occurred – and it appears everyone had a great weekend.


Many boats were moored in the yacht station by Friday, thanks to the help and consideration of the Yacht station staff, who were very good to club members over the whole weekend. A dinner was arranged over at the Wherry Hotel early Friday evening – attended by club members Dave/Dawn – Trevor/Val – Colin/Pip – Chris/Pam – Peter/Sandra - and Robin/Jane (who had come by car). A lovely meal, drinks, and chat which ended around 9pm, when all returned to their boats. There was some excitement that same evening, about 9.30pm, when fire engines attended a fire in a derelict building near to the Wherry, lots of noise of Blues ‘n Twos!


Saturday was a quiet day, members doing their own thing, but again more excitement that evening with a repeat of lots of fire engines attending a second fire at the same location. Spontaneous combustion in the heatwave, or something a little more sinister?


Sunday was spent preparing for the Club get-together and BBQ over on “the wall” – outside the Bob was on hand to see to the proceedings, and it all started around 4.30pm, again in perfect weather. Another club record – all of this year’s planned BBQ’s have fired up in sunny weather! After the BBQ, Bob popped home to collect his guitar and amplifiers etc, and returned to stage a music night and entertainment for members, until gone 9pm. Unfortunately, there was plenty more music and noise well after that – a rave in the “Lady of the Lake” pub nearby continued until past 2am. Our members trying to sleep were not best pleased!

A couple of BBQ’s were left cooling behind the “wall” that night, but these had been removed ( stolen ) before morning.

(However, I understand that one was retrieved from a waste bin in the park on the Monday?)


Monday was Gala Day, but even with the weather it did not appear to be as busy as other years – perhaps a lot of holidaymakers had flocked to the nearby Lowestoft beaches, which apparently were absolutely rammed? Many members got their tables and chairs, drinks and food, and again sat out at the “wall”, in the shade of the trees.

Another incident in the afternoon brought the fire engines, and other emergency services, into the park, more noise of “blues and twos”. A fairground ride – “The Eliminator” – had got stuck at the top of it’s travel. More excitement as it’s riders had to be brought down by firemen’s ladders – bringing Gala day, and the Powerboat racing, to be suspended for a short while. All ended well though – no injuries – and boat racing continued until nearly time for the fireworks at 9pm. The display was even shorter this year ( around 6 mins or so ) but spectacular as usual, ending another good day.


Tuesday saw the exodus of many club boats, leaving early to try to get under Somerleyton bridge, which for the 3rd. or had jammed once more in the exceptional heat.


( However, I hear rumours that the railway line will be closed throughout February 2020 in order for track replacement and upgrades, to include providing auto-crossing gates at Brundall etc and TO RECTIFY THE HEAT & MACHINERY PROBLEMS OF BOTH REEDHAM and SOMERLEYTON BRIDGES. Wonders will never cease?)


Ken  31/08/2019

Oulton Broad  Regatta weekend, including Sunday BBQ & Music Night  and  

Bank holiday Monday  Gala day.  23rd - 26th August 2019 - Report

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