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Shakedown Cruise - 1st April - The Ferry Inn Surlingham - Report

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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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A full turnout of 11 Boats + 7 cars   -  33 members and guests sat down for the dinner and 2 more joined us for the music evening to follow.

This was an un-expectantly lovely weekend, both weather-wise and in total. It was a sunny Saturday, but cool in a gusty west wind. The crosswind made mooring difficult early on the Saturday, and the wide “telegraph-pole” mooring posts do not help, especially being mucky with tar seeping out of their tops!


3 boats had moored overnight on the Friday, but most came in around midday on Saturday – with a few latecomers in the afternoon. The new moorings at the Ferry inn were nice, but a recent problem with the electricity supply meant that only one post near to the pub was “live”, so only 3 or 4 of our boats could take advantage. A few members came by car, and Chris & Pam (“JB”) arrived early at noon, mistakenly thinking it was a LUNCH event (April fool them?). We entertained them on my boat, before they actually did go in the pub for lunch, but then had to leave later in the afternoon.

Dave and Dawn also popped over in the afternoon for a beer and chat, and then decided to return later for the after-dinner music and drinks. It was nice in the afternoon sunshine, sitting along the riverside, members chatting and having a few drinks together.

Sonia fussed around us in the afternoon, ensuring that she had correctly recorded our menu choices, and making us very welcome.


We all piled into the pub around 7pm and squashed into the top end of the bar area, leaving a smidgen of room for Bim’s Yamaha ( organ – not motorbike!) & speakers etc.

It turned out to be a good meal; good company; and  excellent music -  with John accompanying Bim for most numbers, and Bob on guitar performing to pre-recorded backing tracks. Meals were massive, and very tasty!  Music stopped around 11.15 and we all disbursed to our boats and cars. Everyone agreed it to be a great night

Thanks to all who took part, especially to Bim, John, and Bob who royally entertained us


Sunday, I was up early as Ray next door decided to leave at 7.30am, well, nearly leave. I couldn’t understand why he began to head off toward Norwich (at a funny angle) before realising that his port mooring rope was still attached. Soon sorted though and back to bed for me!

A few of us then went for a mid-morning breakfast in the pub, again Sonia and her team making us more than welcome and hoping that we will all return soon.

It was another lovely sunny day, less wind but still a little chilly, and hence a lot of us hung around and didn’t leave until late morning or early afternoon.


The end of another enjoyable club weekend, so much so that we hope to make this a club fixture in following years.


See you at the Start-of-Season dinner dance on 22nd.April.



April 2017



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