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Loddon 13th - 15th May 2011

Five boats arrived on Friday at Pyes Mill for the Saturday Spring Meet. Weather was reasonable so we decided to get the marquee put up, always a laugh. Lyn read out the instructions, mostly ignored, but we got there in the end with the help of a few beers.


Saturday saw the arrival of another seven club boats on a sunny/cloudy breezy day. These included new members Sylvia (Cloud 9) and Colin and Chris (Night Hawk) who were given a warm welcome.


Commodore Bob gave a talk in the afternoon on ropes and knots, everything from half hitches and throwing a rope to tying people up! This was enjoyed by all and Bob was duly thanked for his well presented demonstration.


We gathered in the windbreak compound about 5pm and BBQ’s were fired up. We were joined by Keith and Sandra (Reedham Marina) who came by car.

Then, just as the cooking started - it rained! Never defeated by the weather, out came the brollies and our ‘chefs’ carried on preparing all sorts of culinary delights from burgers to steaks, asparagus to mushy peas – mushy peas? Dinners were served and enjoyed in the marquee.


The evening entertainment kicked off with Sylvia (Fiddle) and Keith (Guitar) playing some traditional reels. Keith continued with sing along folky songs and the live music was rounded off by the two ol’ rockers, Bob and John. Secretary Ken provided an impromptu cabaret trying to get the gas heater to work. We wondered back to our boats late in the evening after clearing up the empties and the ‘genny’ running out of petrol.


Sunday morning saw the marquee dismantled and packed away. The cool breezy day prompted an earlier departure with most boats leaving by lunch time after another enjoyable club meet.

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