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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

OBMBC-LOGO 2 colour

Completely new venues for both events, and both highly successful!


The turnout for the annual opening season dinner dance was the same as last year’s notably high 54 members and guests. Some on the 7 boats at the yacht station, some coming by car and many booking rooms at the hotel itself, all enjoyed a wonderful evening.


The Ambassador room at the Hatfield was smartly laid out in tables of 6 to 8, with a large bar at one end. Very convenient!  

Nigel, the Manager/Maitre-d, loudly called us to our tables at about 7.40pm, and the meal was served fast and efficiently by a lovely band of waitresses, who cleared the tables with the same speed before returning to their duties at the bar.


After the meal, our duo “Shipwreck”, having set up their instruments and squawk boxes in the afternoon, got up to start the evenings entertainment only to find that Bim couldn’t get his organ to work (Again? said Jackie!).

But in the corner of the room was a lovely gloss-white Baby Grand piano, and with the permission of Nigel, tables were quickly shoved out of the way and the gleaming instrument was manhandled by us into the band area. Bim tested it with a few tinkles and declared it perfect. The evening was saved!


After the fun and games with the old Joanna, the music started about 9pm – a decent mixture of rock ‘n roll, blues, ballads and novelty music – all played lovingly by Bim on his new white toy, and accompanied perfectly by John on guitar. Bob came 'on stage' and gave us a rendition of 'James Paget Blues', a song about his lengthy stay in the hospital last year! (words by Sandra and John, tune courtesy of Johnny Cash!)

Lots got up to dance until first interval at 10.30pm, and the raffle draws.


Lucky ticket prize of a bottle of bubbly was won by Ray & Molly.

The “Pot-of-Gold” raised £65 for club funds, and £62 was shared out in prizes.

Again, I won the first prize of £32 – with a larger than ever chorus of “fiddle” ringing in my ears. Honest, I’m just lucky!

Roger won 2nd prize of £20, and Fay scooped 3rd prize of £10.

We again ran a table collection for Staff tips, all going to the busy waitresses. Didn’t count it this time – but the bucket was very heavy Thanks again to all you generous members.

Then another surprise of the evening, this time involving Jen et moi.

We were called to the floor and Bob presented Jen with a gorgeous bunch of flowers, and Robin gave me a new club lapel badge, all for our 50th wedding anniversary, due in 2 weeks time. We were gobsmacked and really pleased, but then brought down to earth when we were invited to dance the anniversary waltz to kick off the 2nd part of the evening’s dancing. What an embarrassing sight! Still, the drink helped, and lots got up to join us. The music & dancing continuing through to nearly midnight, when the taxis arrived. A great night.


A total of 42 members made it to the AGM on the Sunday morning at the Boulevard, the meeting kicking off just after 10.30am. The bacon rolls and coffee turned up 30 minutes or so later (many thanks Caroline and Michael). The remainder of the Yearbooks and Green books were distributed to the members in attendance, along with copies of the AGM agenda and previous minutes.

It was a packed meeting and it was great to see so many taking part in the proceedings. The highlight was a close-run vote on the venue for this year’s End-of-Season dinner dance – eventually won by the Hatfield hotel after warm discussions and a recount.

The AGM was all over by 12 noon, but a few of us hung about in the bar and finished our drinks before saying our goodbyes.


Another wonderful OBMBC event weekend.


Ken  (June 2015)

Start Of Season Dinner and Dance - 25th April - The Hatfield Hotel

AGM - 26th April - The Boulevard, Oulton Broad

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