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Mid Summer Tea Party - 18th June - Bramerton Common - Report

Another fantastic club weekend with 18 Boats attending + 2 cars.  The weather on Friday was the hottest day of the year, with sunshine and light northerly winds, and then complete opposite on Saturday. Cold and overcast, light rains, then massive thunderstorms in the late evening! Over 30 members and guests were at the Saturday afternoon “50’s” tea party, and attended the evening’s entertainment, brilliantly provided by our resident troubadours, Bim and John.

All boats arrived on the Friday, many having to raft-off, and by late afternoon we had everyone safely moored. Members sat around in groups, under the trees to keep cool in 30’C temperatures. It was a “big” birthday for Ivan (Court Jester) and he & Hilda spent early afternoon putting up birthday balloons around their boat. They had organised a private dinner party that night at the “Waters Edge”, and Bim and John were playing there, as well as at our T-party event on the Saturday night – a busy weekend for our performing duo. Some of us popped up to the pub, me included – and I dropped off pieces of “Lady Grace’s” rear canopy for stitching repairs with Richard at “SnuggTopz”, before enjoying my lunchtime pint. Back at the boats for more drinks and food, and more sitting and chatting. We met and signed up new members Owen and Lisa, boat “Nirvana”, who were next-door neighbours of Jim, at Cove Marine. (Owen is the chef at Rockland New Inn pub and known to a few members already) Members decided to fire up their BBQs on Friday at around 5pm, as the weather was so good, and then sat outside for the rest of the evening near to “Sigaseaga” to enjoy Pete’s internet music, lots of old favourites and some new ones too, and continue drinking of course. Finished around 10.30, before we cleared away and moved back to our own boats.

Saturday dawned with a complete weather change, cold and damp! We all helped to erect the 4 gazebos early around 9.30am, before the weather deteriorated further. They were placed in a square configuration and then decorated by the club ladies during the rest of the morning, balloons and bunting everywhere! A neat idea was table lamps of empty wine bottles, with “cork batteries” and LED lights. We then moved our tables and chairs into the gazebos, ready for the afternoon events and tea party. Following another trip to the “Water’s Edge” for lunchtime drinks with a few other members, I retrieved my canopy pieces, and returned to put on Fancy dress and move into the gazebos – together with many other members all resplendent in 50’s dress or covered in red/white/blue colours - ready for the tea party and scheduled events. Bim started his bingo at 3.30pm, with Roger (Tantalus IV) first to shout “House” with his completed one line. His reward was a box of chocs, and then “eyes down” again for Peter (Sigaseaga) to claim a giant box of fruit for 2 lines; and then I claimed the “Full House”, along with Peter (Opus II) – for a bottle of wine and box of biscuits respectively. Lucky me! By then, it was too wet outside to hold the parade of men and women fancy dress, so a written ballot was held to vote for the best dressed in each category – unanimously won by Fay (Precious Time), dressed immaculately as the Queen herself; and Bim dressed as a teddy boy, complete with bright yellow drape jacket. Both very worthy winners! Time for the actual Tea party food then, 5pm, whilst a very busy Jackie prepared her evening quiz and put out her usual “picture” quiz for us to contemplate over our cakes and sarnies. We hurried back to our boats to change and get ready for the evening’s entertainment – starting with Jackie’s 50’s/Royals quiz at 7.30, won by Steve and Angela’s team with 27 out of 36 points. (Prize was an enormous jar of sweeties, donated by Jackie). Bim and John started playing not long after 8pm, and continued through to gone 10, with some old and new tunes. The weather was playing up outside, showers and eventually thunderstorms, but it was a lovely evening undercover and many got up to dance.

We had been collecting donations and fees throughout the day, with the total to club funds reaching £115. Part of this was a donation from Cookie of £20, and one from new member Owen of £7 (not wanting change from his membership and flag payments). Many thanks to all for participating, and special thanks to all our OBMBC ladies who organised such a great afternoon’s entertainment.


Sunday dawned sunny again, and many started to clear the gazebos and loosen the sides, to allow to dry in the wind and sun. It was Father’s Day, so some members had left early due to family commitments, while the rest helped move the rafted boats back into now-empty quayside spaces. The gazebos were cleared and packed away by 11am, and the remaining boats were deciding to leave for home moorings or to move on elsewhere. It had been another successful club weekend.

Ken      24/06/2022        NEXT EVENT   9th. July – the 6th Northern’s Run – to Stracey Arms Mill

Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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