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Late Summer Meet - The Berney Arms - 21st September

Five boats made it to The Berney Arms on an overcast afternoon, Steve and his brother on ‘Emma Louise’, John and Lyn on ‘Lady Jolyn’, Andy and Amy on ‘Halcyon’, Roger and his friend John on ‘Tantalus IV’ and last to arrive, Sandra and I on ‘Kontiki’. Ron and Joan were hoping to get there by car but they didn’t make it.


We all gathered in the warm on board ‘Lady Jolyn’ for afternoon drinks and nibbles with Pimms provided by Andy and Amy!


We were treated to a lovely sunset over the marshes as we made our way to the pub in the evening where we enjoyed some good pub grub, a few drinks and a good ol’ chin wag. The pub was fairly quiet considering the number of moored boats, we were the only customers for most of the evening although a small crowd did come in just before we left at about 10pm.


A bright moon helped us back to our boats and we said our goodnights after a pleasant evening.


We awoke on Sunday morning to quite a thick mist which soon cleared, leaving an overcast sky again.  We all got underway before 11am to travel back up stream with the tide. The sun eventually broke through and by late afternoon it was quite warm, bit too late as we were back at our moorings by then!


Look forward to seeing everyone at the End Of Season dinner on 12th October.



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