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Fun Day and BBQ - 3rd August - Brammerton Woods End      Report

Considering that there was a Haines boat sales event at the new "Water's Edge" pub, and members were consequently worried about mooring space, it was a good turnout of 9 Boats + 3 cars.   7 teams ( each of 2 or 3 persons) took part in the games, and 33 members and guests attended the BBQ.

The weather remained warm and sunny throughout the weekend, with just some light rain at BBQ time (typical?). A little breezy again - just enough to rock the gazebo, but the big anchoring ropes were not needed this time.


Three boats arrived late on the Friday, to test the availability of moorings, but all managed OK. The rest came along on the Saturday morning, rafting up as necessary until mooring space became available, but we had all settled in by lunchtime, some of us enjoying being "on electric" as there are now THREE posts installed at Bramerton Common


Remarkably, the gazebo was erected without too much fuss, and lighting and power provided via one of the vacant electric points - again no generator being needed! I think we were all pleased that it was the last time this season that we would have to struggle with the gazebo. Roll on next year?

Jen and I popped along for a nose at the refurbished pub, and also looked in at the Haines show on the decked-out waterside. The pub was superb - very classy, and a served a nice pint. We didn't eat there, but the menu looked very inviting - even if a bit pricey? The same could apply to the Haines boats as well - classy but pricey!

Back on the Common, we set up for the afternoon games - this year adding a few new ones but keeping them short and a little fairer competitively. I was "Master of Ceremonies" and adjudicator, strict no cheating allowed (not really?). Peter and Donna helped out, and had brought Quoits; Giant playing cards, and a Genga Tower puzzle to test the teams. We did the Quoits first, followed by the usual Boules and then the Genga tower. This was great fun - each team member pulling out a wooden brick in turn, until the edifice collapsed. We saved "Play-your-Cards Right" to the end, and then prepared for the BBQ's just before 5pm - as black clouds approached and a few showers erupted. Still, no big problem as it was still very warm outside, and most took shelter in the gazebo to eat their food.

Brian and Jackie, and "devil-dog" Lulu, had joined us for a few hours - Brian's finger now healing well after the Loddon episode! Bob and Norma also popped along to "observe" the afternoon's shenaniggans, with Bob keeping us spell bound with the tale of his lucky escape from the gas explosion on "Mehalah" (the old girl obviously wanted to look after her favourite Mersea "de Witt"?).

The evening started with the Trophy quiz - but as stand-in to Quizmeister Bob, I was a poor second! I had only a short time to prepare and made the questions a little too hard - still, it sorted the men from the boys, and we soon toasted the overall winners of the day,  team "Gawd Nose" (Tony and Kath of "Freeway"). Congratulations to them. "Hawaii Five-oh" (Peter & Donna, Colin and others) were a close second, with "DKD" (Dave, Dawn & Katie) near in third position. It had been a good laugh throughout the day, as a "Funday" should be? We then closed up the gazebo and continued the drinking and chatting, over a bit of background CD music, until the wee small hours (well, to 11pm at least - we were all shattered after a busy day!)

Sunday was the usual slow clear up and the (careful) packing away of the gazebo, ready for its Winter storage at Bim's plot. Most of us poodled off about lunchtime, but there were a few who decided to stay a little longer. The end of another lovely weekend.


See you all at the next event - the "long 'un" at Oulton Yacht Station, over the Bank holiday weekend. Don't forget the BBQ on Sunday 25th.August, about 4pm?




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