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Shakedown Cruise and Pub Night - 7th April - The Ferry Inn Surlingham - Report

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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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Another good turnout in the second year of this event. 12 Boats + 3 cars turned up.  26 members sat down for the dinner and the jam session to follow.


This was a perfect start to the new season, even the sun blessed us with its presence on Saturday afternoon, and we welcomed new members Alan, Gulfiya and Kimberly (Wavedancer II) and Jim (Helene) to their first Club event.


The moorings at the Ferry Inn now offer 4 new electric posts along the main quay headings and a further electricity supply for those on the old side-on moorings, in front of the pub. Costs seem a little high, but £5 buys you a lot of juice – plenty for 24 hours or more! There is a water point as well, in the centre of the green behind the moorings. All very civilised.


7 boats had moored overnight on the Friday, with the remainder following on from Saturday lunchtime. Unfortunately for those early birds, there were 3 boat loads of lads out on a party weekend, and after visiting the pub on Friday evening they moored over on Postwick staithe and continued partying until the wee small hours. Little sleep was had by anyone on Friday night!


We sat out in the sunshine on Saturday afternoon, the ladies commandeering one of the picnic tables and proceeding to enjoy a good chat, washed down with plenty of wine, whilst entertaining a young bunch of lads off a hire boat moored there. These lads departed later for a drunken night in Norwich, with our ladies wondering whether to go with them or stay for their own drunken night in the Ferry pub! Sense prevailed, ..........................................................and our girls went off to Norwich. (Not really – just us men wishful thinking!)


Next up were a boatload of Aston Villa fans, returning after the lunchtime match at Carrow Road, not too happy with the result (lost 3 – 1) but cheered up later in the pub with our trio’s music renditions such as “Living next door to Alice” ( but nobody seem to know who she was, or so they loudly shouted out, rather rudely!)


We went over to the pub before 7pm and took our seats around the 'stage area' at the North end of the pub. Sonia flitted around the tables to confirm orders and our side-orders, and soon the meals were being served quickly and piping-hot , enormous amounts of delicious pub grub. We struggled through, with lots of beer; spirits; and wine to wash it all down, and eventually all had cleared plates just after 9pm.


Bim then started with some nice keyboard music and ditties, followed by Bob, and then John took up the rhythm and soon our little band were belting out lots of rock ‘n roll classics – egged on by us and the Aston villa crew. Johnny Cash and the Kinks were some of the voices heard filtering through the pub noise and haze, with more of the pubs clientele joining in, and a raucous evening was had by all. The drinks flowed, and the ladies danced, and we all enjoyed the fun. It didn’t finish until nearly 11.30pm -  the band having tired themselves out with all that energy expended.

By then it was pouring with rain outside, and we all left fairly hurriedly back to our boats and cars.


It was another great night, so much so that Sonia invited the Club back for next year, and also invited our intrepid band of musicians to play a gig or two in the pub later on in the season.

Thanks once more to Bim, John, and Bob, who really rocked it to us, and to the whole pub.


Sunday, we awoke to a day of rain & drizzle. It was damp and a little chilly, adding to the feeling of not wanting to do much at all. John and Sandra were the only ones who could manage breakfast in the pub this time, many of the others preparing to depart before the rain took hold, and most going before lunchtime. That left just 3 boats to stay on over Sunday night: “Cloud 9” ; “Helene” and my own “Lady Grace” It was much quieter in the pub later that afternoon and early evening, when we enjoyed more drink and good food.

A lovely weekend to start the season off.


See you at the Start-of-Season dinner dance on 28th.April, and /or at the AGM on the 29th.



April 2018

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