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Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

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August Bank Holiday Weekend - 27th/30th August - Report



A horrible weekend weatherwise, very strong North winds bringing cool, cloudy conditions and showers, with very few sunny breaks. Not nice at all!  However, a friendly club weekend, with 14 club boats moored up in the yacht station, and 7 members turning up by car.


Most arrived on the Friday, some earlier in the week. 10 boats moored. Good to meet new members Terry and Gill on their boat Firefly who joined us for the first time. We encountered a few mix-ups with our booked moorings, but the Yacht station staff sorted it out as best as possible, made a little easier on the Saturday morning when it was realised that some boats were not going to brave the weather. My boat was in pole position - second boat at the bottom of the pontoon bridge. Members had to pass-by to get onto the outer pontoon, and many popped in for a welcome drink on their way past! John and Sandra were next door, also greeting members and friends as they passed – all very convivial! We also had a decent view looking down the Broad and could enjoy the powerboat racing on Sunday and Monday.


Saturday was a quiet day, and the poor weather kept us from going too far until we had blue skies and warm sunshine around late afternoon. 4 more boats arrived, and were made welcome. Bob popped round about midday, to say hello to us and stopped for a drink or two on “Lady Grace”, before making the rounds of other club boats.


We had arranged for a club get-together over at the Wherry for 6.30pm and 11 members attended, enjoying drinks and carvery. Simon and Sue (Last Chance) were mooring over at Tingdene’s Broadlands, where their family had rented a lodge for the week. They all came into the Wherry at 7pm and sat close by. It was Simon’s birthday celebrations, so we added our congratulations and had a good chat with him and his family. Bob and Norma had been in a nearby restaurant, and they too popped into the Wherry for a chat – and a drink. We wandered off around 9.30, back to the yacht station and an early night.


Sunday was a better day early on, cloudy but some blue sky – and the wind had abated somewhat. We tried to drum up encouragement for the BBQ’s due later, but the forecast was none too good. The powerboat racing (practice day, main races on Monday) began at 12 noon, from a floating pontoon placed not far from our boats, so out came the chairs (not allowed on the actual pontoon, just on my boat platform. Elf and Safety very strict nowadays at Oulton YS!) Then came the beers, and the snacks, as we settled down to watch the action. Steve and Angela had popped along earlier for a chat and to discuss Quiz Night etc, then Ray and Margaret came by to watch the racing and see old friends. Many had taken the opportunity to have a stroll in the park and view the “Banksy” art on the old bridge. Later, Jen and I, and Peter and Sandra (Opus II), did the same – taking some good photos as well. The four of us then wandered over to the busy Broadlands club, for a few drinks, whilst it was still a bit sunny, although the winds had increased early afternoon. Back on our boats by late afternoon, but the weather had deteriorated, and members were not too keen on an outside BBQ and get-together. Too cold for John to play as well, and so the event was cancelled – although Peter and I did cook our respective dinners on a disposable BBQ up on the “hard”, near the gate. Very quiet for a club night at the yacht station!


Monday was cold, windy and overcast again. Apparently, all areas along the North Sea coast had suffered this weekend, but it was too late to move our boats to the South West! LOL. Gala Day and the Fireworks had already been cancelled for this year, due to Covid, but the powerboat finals did go ahead, starting at noon. Plenty of excitement watching the races, and we had Jen’s brother visiting that day, so plenty to do. Steve also popped back to confirm Quiz Night numbers and update on club business. A few members left the YS in the morning, escaping before the powerboats restricted the channel. It was a day spent around the pontoons, chatting to those members who remained. Later, we did however go over for a Chinese with John and Sandra, to the Royal China restaurant – recommended by Bob and Norma. A lovely meal and a lovely evening.

A fine conclusion to a long weekend.


Ken September 2021


Next Event:- Quiz Nite - Coldham Hall - Saturday 18th.September

See you all there?


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