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The 3rd Northern's Run - 14th.July 2012 - Stracey Arms Mill

Considering the weather, and the high tide under the bridges, a fair turnout of 4 Boats + 4 cars

What a poor season so far due to the dismal and cold weather sent to plague us boaters, and it didn't improve much for our 3rd.annual trip up to the Northern side. The strange increase in the water level prevented 3 boats out of Reedham Marina from getting under Vauxhall Bridge at lowest tide (only 9 ft.?), and so they turned back to enjoy more drinks in the Berney. Too late, and too many beers, for them to then come by car! Actually, that water increase just for the Saturday WAS predicted - how do they do that? I'll pay more attention to tidal heights next time that I propose a date for a run up the Bure. The next day, Sunday, the low water tide was exactly that - low! Creepy?

But, the event wasn't too bad for those that did attend - at least it didn't rain and the evening sunshine was an added bonus.

First boat in was "Lady Jolyn", taking station on one end of the jetty area outside the new Spanish bar, closely followed by my "Lady Grace" - parking at the other end! We were near the end of our annual holiday on the Northern rivers, so no problem.  the Acle-based "Prince Albert" joined us a little later on the front of the jetty - and, so surrounded, our claim to this small area of land was completed - all before lunch!

Out came the windbreaks and chairs, and soon the weekend "encampment" was ready.

The big Broom "Ocean Way" had telephoned that they had made it under the bridge after dropping canvas to reduce to only 8'6" height, and they (Dave and Dawn) duly arrived just after 2pm That was it - 4 boats!

Lunch outside in the cool afternoon, followed by the usual wine, beer and good chats. We were joined later by those coming by car, Steve; Sylvia; Dave L.; and then Ron and Joan - all safely parking in the pub car park. Due to the chilly weather, Sue (at the Mill) kindly arranged for us to eat inside the tearoom and so us lucky13 sat down to a lovely, warming fish and chip meal, accompanied with endless pots of tea - all for a fiver a head! Fantastic.

By the time we had eaten, the evening sky had cleared to reveal late sunshine & a little warmth, and so by 7pm we were all back on the jetty with the drinks flowing and the music starting. Jen distributed printed song sheets and proceeded again to lead the Community singing, with Pip accompanying on her "Melodeon" accordion. It was a great laugh but all too soon, those who came by car began to leave, and the boaters remained chatting and finishing their drinks until clearing-up time at 11pm. A great night once more. Check out the photos taken by the official stand-in Club photographer - yours truly.

Well, the season is pressing on, so please all try to make the next Grand event - the infamous Bramerton Funday! This year it's on Saturday 4th.August. Let's hope the Jet-Stream has moved far to the North by then, to allow us some sunshine at last. See you all there?


Ken  21/07/2012

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